Virus! Cryaotic, also known as The Virus, or Virus! Cry, is the main Antagonist of the Crynime series seen so far. He is similar to Mad! Cryaotic, but a more computerized, cybernetic individual.


As of all shown depictions of him, he generally has Cryaotic 's appearance,  but his mask is broken and cracked, and the formerly plain, straight line that makes up the mouth of the neutral Cryaotic's mask, it is replaced by a jagged, zig-zag line that is curved in a way that contours with the curvature of Cry's mask, and forms a type of jagged 'mouth'. His mask also has glowing blue computer circuitry on it. He still possesses the green, hooded sweater, gray pants, brown hair, and blue eyes of the neutral Cryaotic, except he has the demented, psychopathic appearance of a mental asylum patient, similarly to Mad! Cryaotic

 Role In Crynime Edit

   Virus! Cryaotic serves as the primary antagonist of the Project Crynime series. 

   **Unknown; to be updated. 

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