Please note: PROJECT CRYNIME has been CANCELLED.

   Reason(s) - Preoccupation; time/schedule constraints.  

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 Welcome to the Project Crynime Wiki 

Welcome to the Project Crynime Wikia! This is where you can get an insider's look of Project Crynime's characters, and more! From the gentlest of protagonists, to the most important of deuteragonists, to the most vile-hearted antagonists, this Wiki will provide cutting-edge information about Project Crynime. Please, it is highly-advocated that you browse the Rules and Regulations, before you proceed intended investigation(s) of the pages of this Wikia. 

NOTE: We gather information from primary, present sources, which means we do not know of future updates. 

ANOTHER NOTE: This wiki strictly abides by the C.O.P.P.A., or the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, which is a law in the United States of America requiring websites--which can potentially collect information from minors under the age of 13--to have parental consent or some other method of legal guardian acknowledgement, allowing the collection of personally-identifiable information from a minor under the age of 13. Which means if we happen to catch sight of Users under the age of 13, then they will immediately be under indefinite expulsion from the Project Crynime Wiki until the required, obligatory age. 

**The Founder's Word :: "Greetings, Salutations, and felicitous of Adulations to you! I am genuinely pleased to present to the community, the Project Crynime Wikia, which may become the official Wiki of the Project Crynime staff. I hope our still-progressing work and regular updates pleases you." -Asmodeous Paradoxicus Z, Founder of the Project Crynime Wikia

 Project Crynime Wikia Staff 

   Founder  :: Asmodeous_Paradoxicus_Z.exe

   Bureaucrats  :: UniversalGalaxies.exe, Roadhawk.exe (Inactive) 

   Chat Moderation  :: SilverHexxitFights.exe

 "Our Mission?" 

Our mission is to give the insider's look of Project Crynime's characters, episodes, etc. 

Beware of the V́i͙̹̝̍ͮ̿ͪ͒̔r̭̦̎̔̽ͭͦ̀͌͟ụ͔̬̓̍ͪ̆̌͠s͈͎̙̱̠̟̟͢.̠͙̖͕̱̤̱͌ͫ͗̽̓͞ ͯͬͪ͏

 Official Project Crynime Teaser Trailer (and Information) 

Project Crynime is a fan-made, non-profiting, miniature YouTube series that was based off of Late Night with Cry and Russ, and the Late Night Crew. However, other YouTubers, such as PewDiePieCinnamonToastKen, etc., are also featured. 

Crynime TEASER

Crynime TEASER

The officially-released Project Crynime Teaser Trailer.

 "Where did the idea of Project Crynime come from?" 

The original idea for the Crynime Project originated via the suggestion by Tunaniverse (A.K.A. Chameishida, an official Animation Artist assisting in the Project). Afterwards, due to the massive amount of requests sent in via the fan-base, Project Crynime was born. 

Don't believe us? Visit the original Tumblr Post, which may be found here

 Project Crynime Update Information, etc. 

Want to see more Crynime updates? Visit Project Crynime's Twitter and Tumblr for more updates. 

Want to see WHO is Voice-Acting for Project Crynime? Who is running it? Click here

Have some questions you want answered? Click here

     External Updates

  •  The Head Artist of Project Crynime, Kiwa, is now on Patreon. Click here to give her your support. 

 Progress Information 

    Official Staff Information 

       Head of Staff

Head Artist :: Kiwa

Head Director (Story, Editing, Etc.) :: TheLunatist

Blog Maintenace :: TheLunatist (Lunast) 


Head Artist :: Kiwa  



Aemferrer (Aem) 




Abby Nickerson


      *Still recruiting; to be updated. 


Yakosei (Reva)

artisticalassassin (A.B.)

RuuRuu-Chan (RuuRuu)


XxRoxasxXxKingdomXx (Liza)


   Storyboard Artists  


KatrineP (Katrine P.)



    Editing and Proof-Reading

TheDreadRed (Red)

Solid Snake (Snake)


Code Command

Hino of the Dawn (Hino)



Laminated Stasis


Head Composer :: HeyHiChris  

Co-Composer :: TryFoldMusic

       *Still recruiting; to be updated. 

        Official Voice-Actors 

 Confirmed = (C) 
 Pending = (P) 

   Late Night Crew

(C) Cryaotic/Virus! Cryaotic :: Cryaotic

(C) Russ Money/????! ????_????? :: Russ Money

(C) Red/????! ??? :: TheDreadRed (Red)

(C) Scott Jund/????! ?????_???? :: Scott Jund

(C) Solid Snake/????! ?????_????? :: Snake

(C) Zutara Raven/????! ??????_????? :: Shianne West  

   Other YouTubers 

(C) Manga Minx :: TheRPGMinx (Minx)

(P) PewDiePie :: Unknown; yet to be found.

(P) CinnamonToastKen :: Unknown; yet to be found.

       Back-Up Voice-Actors 

   Late Night Crew

(C) Cryaotic/Virus! Cryaotic :: ThePandaBadger

(C) Russ Money/????! ????_????? :: FallenR0se

(C) Red/????! ??? :: Bokimu

(C) Scott Jund/????! ?????_???? :: Matthew Brown

(C) Solid Snake/????! ?????_????? :: ThePandaBadger

(C) Zutara Raven/????! ??????_????? :: Sydsnap 

   Other YouTubers 

(C) Manga Minx :: Sydsnap 

(P) PewDiePie :: Unknown; yet to be found. 

(P) CinnamonToastKen :: Unknown; yet to be found. 

 Project Crynime Polls 

Who do you believe will make a great Project Crynime antagonist?

The poll was created at 19:33 on August 10, 2014, and so far 109 people voted.
Who is your favorite Late Night Crew Member?

The poll was created at 19:30 on August 10, 2014, and so far 99 people voted.

Latest activity 

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The official Project Crynime poster of Season 01.