Mad! Cryaotic, better known as Mad! Cry, or simply Mad, is a possible antagonist in another season of Project Crynime. Similar in personality to Virus! Cryaotic, except much more violent, demented, and blood-thirsty. 

 General Appearance 

 According to some traces of art (by the Head Artist) of Mad! Cryaotic, he has the same appearance of the neutral Cryaotic--having a green hoodie, gray pants, sneakers, Caramel-Brown hair, and blue eyes--except having a murderous air to his appearance, and, according to some pieces of artwork, he is often soaked in blood. If his face is depicted, his pupils are often dilated from the lack of his mental faculties and malicious intentions. 

 Role in Project Crynime 

 Mad! Cryaotic is confirmed to eventually become a Crynime antagonist, succeeding Virus! Cryaotic

Unknown; to be updated. 


  •  It is highly-speculated that Mad! Cryaotic will be a future antagonist of Project Crynime. 
  •  It is confirmed by the Head Artist, Kiwa, and the Head Director, Lunastist, that Mad! Cryaotic shall be used for 'something better' in the future.